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Since its establishment in 1972, the UC San Diego Foundation has been dedicated to raising and managing philanthropic support in the form of new gifts for both its endowment and expendable purposes. This mission has never been more vital than now, in the face of a need for critical research in the fight against a global pandemic, unprecedented political and economic uncertainty, and the undeniable impacts of climate change on the region and the entire planet.

As an Alum, I am proud of the work taking place at UC San Diego and with our partners throughout the region, and as Chair of the Board of Trustees, it is a privilege to work with a group of volunteers and leaders to continue the momentum of the Campaign for UC San Diego. Strengthened by the collaborative effort of an incredible community of supporters, alumni, students, faculty, and academic leadership, UC San Diego raised $344 million in private support in FY 2020, including gifts to the Foundation as well as gifts and private grants to the campus.

UC San Diego’s unyielding approach to face the challenges presented by COVID-19 has established what so many of us already know – that it is not only an exceptional academic institution, but is also essential to the fabric of the community, and a leader in public service, solving problems for the greater good. It is an honor to serve and work with my fellow colleagues on the Board, and we will continue to join forces with the university in its vision to make a difference.

Steve Hart, MA '80
UC San Diego Foundation


The Campaign for UC San Diego: Continue the nontradition

At the University of California San Diego, challenging convention is our most cherished tradition. The Campaign for UC San Diego is a university-wide comprehensive fundraising effort to transform the student experience, our campus, and ultimately the way humanity approaches problems and develops solutions. Learn more at campaign.ucsd.edu.