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STAR Dashboard

STAR (Stewardship, Transparency, Accountability, Reporting) is an online dashboard powered by Cognos to provide Advancement and UC San Diego staff with access to financial information related to University private support gift funds (both Foundation and UC Regents). 

To access the STAR system, please use the link below.

STAR Dashboard Login

Login Instructions

  • Who has access?
    • Business Officers
    • Principal Investigators
    • Advancement
    • FinancialLink users
  • Please ensure you have the correct browser settings before you login to STAR. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser.
  • Use your AD network login credentials when prompted.
  • When you login, you will be directed towards the following page: 

STAR Homepage



I’m trying to print the dashboard or reports in STAR; what is the best way to do this?
To print in STAR, click the “Run” icon, located at the top left of the page, and select “Run PDF.” This will convert the page to a PDF for you to save or print. Saving as a PDF ensures proper formatting.


When I’m navigating to previous pages in STAR I get an error or the page appears blank; how do I avoid this?
To prevent timeout issues from clicking your browser’s back button, navigate to past pages using the dropdown menu located at the top middle of the page.


I would like to perform a new search, how do I go back to the initial landing page?
To search for a new fund(s), click the “New Search” button, located inside the right blue sidebar.


How do I retrieve my area’s funds without typing every fund in the search box?
Click the “Advanced Search Options” link to expand various options to search. After selecting your options, click the “Filter” button at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Search

How do I find balances for a specific month?
Inside the right blue sidebar of the page, click the drop-down icon to select a month. Please note the dates of when the most recent data is available. 

Example: Market Value = No Data Available
Most recent available market value is 12/31/2017 but the report lists January 2018 balances. Select December 2017 from the drop-down to view the latest market value.

Drop Down Menu

How do I export all data available for a fund in Excel?
Inside the right blue sidebar of the page, click the “Run Comprehensive Fund Detail” link under “Additional Info.” Please note the date selected for balances. If the report does not load correctly, please try again using Internet Explorer as your browser. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser as it is the only browser IBM offers full support for. 

Comprehensive Fund Detail

Where do I find gift documents?
When you click on a fund to retrieve further detail, gift documents are found in the bottom right of the blue sidebar under “Documents.”
Please note, only endowment documents are currently uploaded.


When are gifts reflected in the balance?
Gifts are reflected in the balance the following month they are received.

Are liens included in the Regents Expendable?
Yes. If you would like to see the Regents Expendable before liens, please refer to the Comprehensive Fund Detail report.


There have been no updates in the last 6 months.


Please see the staff directory here
If you're having trouble accessing STAR, please refer to your DSA for assistance.
STAR Troubleshooting Guide