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Frequently Asked Questions

Establishing New Funds

  • I need to set up a new gift fund. Do I set up this fund with the Foundation or with The Regents?

    The general guidelines are: 

    Recommend set up as a Regents gift fund:
    If the donation is (1) a one time gift and the department expects to spend the entire amount within the current fiscal year, (2) a fellowship with a named Fellow, (3) a gift for a Pooled Income Fund, (4) Real Estate NOT TO BE SOLD, (5) gift-in-kind to be added to departmental inventory and not sold, (6) small memorial/honorarium gifts, we recommend you set the fund up with The Regents directly. A new Regents' gift fund number will be assigned and the funds can be expended for the purpose designated by the donor. Per Office of the President policy, the department will need to complete a Regents' gift/private grant acceptance form (form UDEV-100-6 Form #FO-2035) for each gift received into a Regents' gift fund.

    Recommend set up as a Foundation gift fund:
    If a department has (1) multiple or regularly recurring gifts (pledges) for the same purpose, (2) gifts of real estate for immediate sale and highly marketable or with special circumstances, (3) art gifts, (4) gifts of stock, (5) Endowed gifts, (6) most gifts for capital projects, (7) annual benefits/solicitations/fundraiser events (gifts with quid pro quo), (8) Planned/Deferred Gifts (Lead Trusts, Life Estates, Gift Annuities & Charitable Remainder Trusts), the fund should be established with the Foundation. A gift acceptance form is not required for gifts to the Foundation. However, gift letters from the donor(s) are required. Please contact giftfundsrequests@ucsd.edu for assistance. 

    Gifts of real estate, art or stock:
    When gifts of this nature are given, there are various appraisals, valuations and other items involved prior to gift acceptance. The Foundation office is local and has expertise in processing gifts of this nature, thereby ensuring that the monies are made available to the department as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

    Regardless if the gift is to the Foundation or to The Regents, each gift is key entered by the gift processing staff and a gift receipt and a thank you note is generated for each gift.

  • How do I set up a new fund?

    To set up a new fund, please go to our forms page and complete a Foundation New Fund Request. Please contact the Gift Processing Office at giftfundsrequests@ucsd.edu for assistance.

  • My fund has been set up, but how do I create a link for online gifts?

To create a link to a single fund on the online giving page follow these instructions to generate the web address that can be added to your website.

Use of Foundation Funds

  • Okay, now I’ve established a new fund with the Foundation. How do I spend this money?

    A new Regents gift transfer IFOPAL will need to be established. Please go to our forms page and select the Request for Funds form. On the Request for Funds form, make sure to give us your organization and program number and the first three letters of your departmental index. On the space for fund number, put in “new” and submit the form through a ServiceNow case (Related to: Gift Funds; About: Foundation Request for Funds Transfer) for processing. Once we receive the Request for Funds form, we will establish a new Regents index and fund number which will be attached to your department organization number. Foundation gift transfer funds fall into one of the following ranges: 40000A-59999A, 86500A-86999A. We will notify you of the new fund and “master” index number through ServiceNow approximately 3 working days after we receive your request. Once the new IFOPAL is established, all monies transferred from that Foundation fund in the future will be moved to that IFOPAL. Once a master index is created, department Business Officers can request a subindex be created.  Instructions for requesting a subindex can be found on the General Accounting Chart of Accounts page.

    There are three different “Request for Funds” forms you can choose from:

    1. Request for Funds Form – Recurring:
      This form initiates having all available cash transferred monthly to the Regents transfer fund.  Transfers will occur indefinitely until the STOP Recurring Request for Funds form is received.
      1. STOP Recurring Request for Funds Form:  This form is used to stop a recurring request for funds.
    2. Request for Funds Form – Non-Recurring:
      This form allows you to submit a request for a one-time withdrawal of money from one or multiple Foundation funds. If you’re requesting funds for a chair please use the Endowed Chair Form.
    3. Request for Funds Form – Endowed Chair:
      This form is to be used to submit a request for an endowed chair. As chair funds require approval from the Vice Chancellor or their delegate prior to processing (per PPM 230-8 Section II D), this form cannot be emailed. Please print this form and submit to the Vice Chancellor or their delegate for their signature and then submit to us as directed below.

    When you’ve completed the form, submit a ServiceNow case, Related to: Gift Funds, About: Foundation Request for Funds Transfer.  If you have questions, use About: Gift Fund Questions  The ticket will be closed once the request has been approved in FinLink and the transfer will be visible the following business day.

    Currently, the following individuals are authorized to approve a Chair fund request:

    VC Area/Division Name Mail Code Email
    Health Sciences Dr. Robert Ross 0602 rross@ucsd.edu
    Marine Sciences Margaret Leinen 0210 mleinen@ucsd.edu
    Arts & Humanities Alma Palazzolo 0406 alma@sdsc.edu
    Biological Sciences John Bauer 0376 j1bauer@ucsd.edu
    GPS Teresa Olcomendy 0519 tolcomendy@ucsd.edu
    Jacobs School of Engineering Tana Troke 0403 ttroke@ucsd.edu
    Physical Sciences Robert Rome 0352 rrome@ucsd.edu
    Rady School of Management Leonard Lafebre 0553 llafebre@ucsd.edu
    Research Affairs Anna Gheissari 0043 angheissari@ucsd.edu
    Social Sciences Barbara Fager 0502 bfager@ucsd.edu
  • Why do I have to establish a new IFOPAL in the University for Foundation transfers? Why can’t I just transfer the money to an existing University fund?

    Fund accounting rules do not permit the commingling of different "types" of monies. Gifts made directly to a Regents' fund are considered to be a different "type" of money from funds that are transferred from a Foundation fund because of the difference in the source. Similarly, in the University, General Funds cannot be commingled with Opportunity Funds. The only way you can use the money held in a Foundation fund is to have a University gift transfer fund established which is "married" to your Foundation fund. Monies other than Foundation transfers cannot be deposited into this fund. However, certain expenses incurred in other Regents' funds can be transferred to the Foundation transfer fund (via ENPET or PET). Once you have a transfer fund established, you can use the same processes and forms to expend it as with any other Regents fund, except that it must be spent in accordance with the donor's wishes.  

    An analogy is to think of the Foundation fund as an account at bank A and the Regents' transfer fund as an account at a bank B. The two accounts are linked together and when you need to spend money from your account at bank B (expenditures from the Regents' fund), you will need to transfer funds from your account at bank A to your account at bank B.  The following is an illustration of the flow of gift money.

  • The transfer I requested is not showing on my University ledgers. What's wrong?

    You can check the status of your transfer request on ServiceNow.

  • Will I be getting a general ledger from the Foundation?

    Monthly fund statements are available electronically on the STAR Dashboard and are updated daily.  The month is closed, and the market values available, by the 14th business day of the following month (except for June and December).

  • Who can access the Foundation’s electronic fund statements through the STAR Dashboard?

    Access to the STAR Dashboard is available to all Advancement staff and non-Advancement staff with FinancialLink access.  Your user name and password are the same as your AD network login.   

  • I'm having trouble with the STAR Dashboard.   Who do I contact?

Please contact ACT at ACT-EA@UCSD.EDU if you're having any trouble with the dashboard.  Please include screenshots, time of day, the browser you're using and your phone #.

  • I need to know what my balance is right now. How can I get that?

    We would be happy to provide an estimate of the fund balance at any time. Please submit a ServiceNow case (Related to: Gift Funds; About: Gift Fund Questions) and we will provide the balance. 

  • I’m new to the University and I need to be able to access these funds. How do I go about doing that?

    Effective April 1, 2009, the UC San Diego Foundation will no longer require a Signature Authorization Sheet for new fund setup or changes in the PI or Business Officer for a fund. Please submit ServiceNow case (Related to: Gift Funds; About: Principal Investigator or Business Officer Changes).

  • There was a pledge made to my fund. Why can`t I see it on my Foundation ledger?

    Only pledges greater than or equal to $10,000 are recorded into the ledger as a receivable. Contributions are recorded when payments are made.

Fees and other information

  • Does the Foundation pay interest on the expendable gifts?

Effective July 1, 2002, UC San Diego gift and grant funds no longer receive interest.

This policy can be found in the UC San Diego Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) in section 410-10.

  • Is my fund charged a fee if a donor pays by credit card?

The bank charges the Foundation a processing fee of approximately 2% for each credit card transaction which is passed through to the fund receiving the gift.

To make a credit card gift on-line, please go to our secure on-line giving web site.

  • Does the Foundation charge a fee on gifts received?

Effective July 1, 2015, UC San Diego will no longer assess a gift fee, whether current use or endowed, on charitable gifts made to either the UC San Diego Foundation or to the UC Regents. In addition, the fee will not be collected on payments received after July 1, 2015 for pledges made on or before June 30, 2015. For any agreements in place related to gift fee collections that were to occur over time or that were to be split (for example, fee collections from endowment payout and/or from campus unit funds), the fee will not be collected.  This demonstrates the Chancellor's extraordinary personal and institutional commitment to philanthropy and its importance and impact to the campus.


Current vs. Endowment Funds

  • What is the difference between a current fund and an endowment fund?

    A current fund is a fund in which all gifts to the fund can be spent for the purpose designated by the donor.

    An endowment fund is a fund in which the original amount of the gift (endowment principal) is invested in perpetuity for appreciation in accordance with the Foundation's Endowment Investment Policy. Only the expendable income allocated to the endowment fund as set by the spending policy may be spent on the purpose designated by the donor. Due to the nature of how endowments are invested (primarily in the stock market), they may earn a total annual return (appreciation plus yield) that is far in excess of the spending policy. Please see for quarterly performance data. (inception = 1986). Total return earned in excess of allocated spending is retained in the investment pool to provide for growth in the principal. This, in turn, increases the market value of the pool, and thus the five year average, which then increases expendable income allocations over the long term. This methodology preserves and enhances the real value of the endowment principal and protects the expendable income allocations against erosion from inflation.

  • Is there a way to find out how much my endowment fund will be allocated for next fiscal year?

    Yes, each year in late May or early June, a letter is posted on our website to each endowment fund administrator with the following fiscal year's spending allocation projection.

  • What is the difference between an endowment fund book value versus market value?

    The endowment "book value" is the original gifts or "principal" to the fund plus any additions of unspent income requested by the department in accordance with the gift agreement. The endowment "market value" is the current market value of the investment of the endowment principal and represents the appreciation or growth of the principal.