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STAR Dashboard

STAR (Stewardship, Transparency, Accountability, Reporting) is an online dashboard powered by Cognos to provide Advancement and UC San Diego staff with access to financial information related to University private support gift funds (both Foundation and UC Regents). To access the STAR system, please use the link below.

STAR Dashboard Login

Login Instructions

  • Who has access?
    • Business Officers
    • Principal Investigators
    • Advancement
    • FinancialLink users
  • Please ensure you have the correct browser settings before you login to STAR.
  • Use your AD network login credentials when prompted.
  • When you login, you will be directed towards the following page: 

STAR Homepage


  • Searching for funds by organization code is now available.
      • This retrieves gift funds that contain the organization code from active and inactive indexes. 
      • Expand the Advanced Search Options link to view. 

    Organization Search
  • Patch to resolve Fund Detail Report issue implemented.
  • Patch to resolve Fund Detail Report issue scheduled to deploy on November 29th, 5PM. 
  • Regents Expendables for September 2017-present down. Currently investigating issue.
    • 11/15/2017: Regents Expendable Balances are back up.
  • Fund Detail Reports continue to remain down. Please contact Donor and Fund Stewardship for reports.
  • Expanded the Donor/Gift list to two versions: Condensed and Detailed. The condensed version lists gifts to a fund currently, adjustments applied. The detailed version shows the accounting of gifts to a fund, detailing any adjustments.
      • Condensed Example:

    Condensed Example
      • Detailed Example:

    Detailed Example
  • Fund Detail Reports remain down due to Cognos upgrade to 11.0.7. ITS in communication with IBM to determine a fix. IBM actively working to resolve issue.
  • Detail reports for multiple funds down. Currently investigating issue.
  • Links to update previous search and return to the fund search page have been added. o Fund Detail Report has been updated to include Regents gifts, pledge payment for Foundation current-use funds, expenditures FYTD, organization, and IFOP for Regents funds.
  • Regents fund issue reported on 7/24/2017 is now fixed. Currently working on updating Gifts column in Fund Detail Report.
    • Currently, pledge payments for Foundation current-use funds not included.
    • Currently, Regents gifts not included.
  • Regents Payout sub-report now incorporates historical values.
  • Updated Quick Reference Guide with instructions on how to adjust date parameters for your saved list (Page 9).
  • Updated Donor/Gift Detail to remove adjustments from list.
  • Added a Search link on the Dashboard to make it easier for users to navigate back to the Fund Search page.
  • The ability to save fund lists is available.
  • When printing a screen, please use the "Run PDF" link located in the top left of the navigation bar.
    • The PDF functionality now properly formats all reports in STAR.
  • Fund search box adjusts to fit entire fund title.
  • Condensed search options onto one page. The advanced search options is now a drop down.
  • New-look dashboard for easier viewing of funds. Fund type is now displayed.
  • New report: Comprehensive Fund Detail - allows users to view monthly data in Excel.


Team Member Areas of Responsibility
Toni Drenon
  • Fund database updates
    • Principal Investigator
    • Business Officer
    • VC Area/Division/Department/Program
    • Fund Title/Purpose
  • New fund set-up
Carol Lim
  • Foundation transfers
  • Foundation IFOP set-up
Kierstin Sykes
  • Foundation fund administration
Sandra Stewart
  • Gift processing
Fund Stewardship
  • Donor contact information
  • Gift documents
  • Gift fund compliance
  • STAR issues/training/questions
If you're having trouble accessing STAR, please refer to your DSA for assistance.
STAR Troubleshooting Guide